Our Mission

There is no substitute for face to face training experiences, but there needs to be an alternative. At the Foster Care Academy our mission is to provide foster carers with accessible, affordable and transformational online learning opportunities. The trainings are designed to both empower them to be of more help to the children they look after, and satisfy any agency licensing requirements for ongoing training.

We believe foster carer’s invest so much of their time, and often their money, looking after these children, that it’s not fair to ask them to pay for their own training as well. But we understand that agencies also work very hard, and often with very tight budgets so there simply is not money to pay for all foster carer training as well.

Thats were we come in.

We aim to provide free online training for foster parents, that they can use for their own development and to satisfy their licensing requirements.


We have a small but growing list is available free online courses. We have sourced content from a range of experts as well as created some of our own material. View our full course catalogue here.

We suggest your create a free account here, and take a look around. If you don’t like it you can close your account. There is no obligation, no cost, and no exchange of financial information.

Please also check our FAQ page, to see answers to some of our most frequently asked questions. If after that you still have some unasnwered question feel free to reach out to our support desk.